Difference Between Precision Casting and Casting


Casting-A method of casting liquid metal into a mold cavity with a shape suitable for the part and obtaining the part or blank after it is cooled and solidified.   Including sand casting, special casting, etc.

Precision casting-precision casting is a special type of casting.   Parts obtained by this method generally do not need to be machined again.   Such as investment casting, pressure casting, etc.

Forging-You may be referring to die casting, which is precision casting.   Die casting is short for pressure casting. It is a method that liquid or semi-liquid metal fills the cavity of the die casting mold at a higher speed under the action of high pressure and solidifies under the action of pressure to obtain the casting.

Forging is a weighted processing method for manufacturing mechanical parts, workpieces or blanks by applying external force to the blanks to make them produce plastic deformation in solid state, change size, shape and improve performance.