Technological Process of Precision Casting


Wax pressing (wax injection molding)-wax repair-wax inspection-tree formation (wax module tree)-shell making (dipping slurry, sand spraying, dipping slurry again, and finally molding)

Air-drying of shells-dewaxing (steam dewaxing)-baking and reburning of mould shells-chemical analysis-pouring (pouring molten steel into mould shells)-shaking and shelling-

Cutting and separating casting and casting bar-grinding gate-initial inspection (blank inspection)-shot blasting cleaning-machining-polishing-finished product inspection-warehousing

In general, the casting production process can be divided into wax pressing, shell making, pouring, post-treatment and inspection

Wax pressing includes (wax pressing, wax repairing and tree forming)

Wax pressing-wax pressing machine is used to make wax mold

Wax Repairing-Revising Wax Mould

Group trees-group wax molds into trees

Shell making includes (hanging sand, hanging slurry and air drying)

Pouring includes (roasting, chemical analysis is also called spectroscopy, pouring, shell shaking, gate cutting and gate grinding)

Post-treatment includes (sand blasting, shot blasting, correction and pickling)

Inspection includes (wax inspection, preliminary inspection, intermediate inspection and finished product inspection)