Dongying Jointly Builds "Supermarket" of Precision Casting Products


In the middle of winter, the reporter walked into the workshop of Dongying Hongbang Precision Metal Co., Ltd. and a brand-new hanging chain production line appeared in front of the reporter.   Zhang bingshan, chairman of the company, said that the use of this fully automatic production line has solved the problem of damaged wax products transported by trolleys in the past and reduced the labor intensity of workers.   This is a microcosm of the transformation and upgrading of Dongying precision casting industry.

According to the introduction of the responsible comrades of Dongying Economic and Development Bureau, there are more than 50 stainless steel precision casting enterprises in the city, producing nearly 50,000 kinds of small products, of which nearly 10,000 kinds are sold to the international market.   Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the stainless steel market, Dongying municipal party Committee and government led them to form the stainless steel precision casting enterprise association, which holds regular member meetings every month. many enterprises gather together to exchange information with each other, discuss transformation and upgrading, solve technical difficulties, and explore domestic and foreign markets.   We have clearly defined the direction of production and marketing in the fields of high-speed rail, military industry and auto parts at home and abroad, and will work together to build precision casting "supermarkets" at home and abroad.

In the office of Zhang bingshan, president of Dongying precision casting enterprise association and chairman of hongbang stainless steel products co., ltd., the reporter saw that all kinds of stainless steel products were everywhere, and over 20 plaques such as product honor certificates and national patent product certificates were hung on the walls ...

Zhang Bingshan picked up a stainless steel product that looked like a pressure cooker and told me that this is the "submarine valve", also known as the "safety cut-off valve", which is used to ensure the safety of transportation of water, oil and chemical raw materials. In case of collision or subversion of vehicles, the valve will automatically close the inlet and outlet to ensure safety.   This product was originally designed and produced by the Germans. We have cooperated with a scientific research unit to make the modification, which absolutely ensures safety. It has passed the test by the National Stainless Steel Product Testing Center.   At present, in addition to our products used by many automobile manufacturers in anniversary, Shengli Oil Field and Hubei No.2 Automobile Company, they are also exported to European and American countries.   He affirmed that with the country's more and more strict management of safe production, enterprises producing safe series of products undoubtedly have new opportunities!   At present, the company has more than 1,000 products, which are sold to more than 30 regions and more than 10 countries.

Dongying city guides precision casting enterprises to speed up the pace of technological transformation, introduce advanced equipment and improve product quality.   Dongying Yilida Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has invested more than 40 million yuan in the past two years. It has imported Taiwan's automatic wax shooting machine tools and other equipment to produce more than 1,000 products matching Japanese fishing gear, and nearly 100 products have been sold to European and American countries.

Dongying precision casting enterprises abandoned the traditional concept of "water does not fall on other people's fields" and joined forces with their foreign counterparts.   Dongying Shengyu Metal Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in point-supported glass curtain wall connectors, stair railings, door and window hardware fittings and stainless steel products for architectural decoration.   In the first half of the year before last, the company reached a partnership agreement with Germany's Orly International Co., Ltd. to take advantage of Germany's strong brand and technical appeal to further improve the product advantages of Orly.   Since last year, the company has sold more than 1500 tons of products.   60% of them are exported to South Korea, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.   The products of Dongying haoyu metal co., ltd. are not only matched with American automobile companies, but also matched with Andrew telecom equipment (China) co., ltd., german eversh co., ltd. and Taizhou lejin cold room electronics co., ltd. (LG electronics). last year, the export volume reached more than 60 million yuan.

Dongying precision casting enterprises make full use of modern marketing methods to plug their products into the "wings" of the Internet.   Dongying Hongbang Stainless Steel Precision Casting Co., Ltd. has set up a professional online sales team. Through Alibaba and Taobao, it sells more than 400 tons of stainless steel products such as construction pipes, point-supported curtain wall fittings, connection joints, connection grips, handrails and other stainless steel products to all parts of the country and Southeast Asian countries every year.   Last year, the sales volume of precision casting products in the city exceeded 5 billion yuan, of which network sales accounted for about 40%.